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A webinar on: Banking Tech - What is the New Role of Technology in Banking?

A webinar on "Banking Tech - What is the New Role of Technology in Banking?" was held by Computer Science & Engineering Department of Northern University Bangladesh on Saturday, June 13, 2020, at 8 PM. Imtiaz Rahman, Assistant Vice President and Chief of IT Infrastructure, South Bangla Agriculture & Commerce Bank Limited was present as the chief guest in this webinar. He is specialized in System, Network and Security Automation and Administration, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), CI/CD, DevOps, NetDevOps with ten years of experience in the banking domain, and five years in an international health research organization. The webinar was moderated by Taskin Fatema, Lecturer, Computer Science & Engineering Department of Northern University Bangladesh.

The first topic was the role of technology in the current banking sector, locally and globally, that changed the industry over the last three decades. The honorable guest speaker mentioned the digitalization of banking by comparing how the banking system worked about 20 years ago, and how a simple withdrawal of cash was very time-consuming. He further gave an example of how technology allowed the banks to be more centralized by connecting all branches and stated that these changes have ensured a great deal of convenience and security for both customers and employees.

Mr. Imtiaz also discussed the vital roles that are being played by mobile banking/e-banking in the current pandemic situation. He stated that people are using mobile banking/e-banking for almost all sorts of financial transactions such as online shopping, fund transfer and bill payment. He mentioned that the system was there before, but more and more people are using it now due to safety concern caused by COVID-19.

When asked about the knowledge and skills required for techno banking, he pointed out three main sectors in this industry and they are networking, security and application development and stated that one can choose any of these sectors based on interest. He also suggested that the students should explore open-source platforms to improve their knowledge and should pursue a career field in DevOps, which is playing a vital role in banking. He also mentioned that for a leading role in banking, one needs to have knowledge on the business aspect of banking as well as technical knowledge.

There were significant number of enthusiastic students who participated in the webinar and asked questions about digital currency, future of banking, PayPal, importance of database etc. The honorable guest speaker answered all those questions diligently from his vast knowledge on the topic and experience in the industry.

The session ended by expressing gratitude to the honorable guest speaker for his precious time by the host on behalf of NUB. It is expected that this session would be of great value for students and all those interested in building a career in banking.


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