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A webinar on: The Future of Job Market and Technology Impact

A webinar on "The Future of Job Market and Technology Impact" was held by Computer Science & Engineering Department of Northern University Bangladesh on Thursday, June 25, 2020. Monir Hosen, Founder of Creative IT Institute (A Leading Professional IT Training and Coaching Center), was present as the chief guest in this webinar. He is also the chairman of Creative IT Limited (ICT Solutions and Services Provider) and Managing Director of Creative Clipping Path Limited (A Graphics Based Digital Media Production House). He is a former Visiting Lecturer of Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC). This webinar was moderated by Niaz Ashraf Khan, Lecturer, Computer Science & Engineering Department of Northern University Bangladesh. The discussion was be based on the role playing factors in present and future job market. The session started with Mr. Monir sharing his experience on becoming a successful entrepreneur. He mentioned the roles of three organizations that he runs with 350 employees and having clients from all over the world. He also shared that around thirty five thousand people have received skill oriented training by Creative IT Institute. When asked about the knowledge and skills required to survive and thrive in the job market in present times and future, Mr. Monir advised students to focus on their interest and also analyze the demand in job market. He pointed out that learning something obsolete that has no demand in the industry would be of no value. About the future of this pandemic situation Mr. Monir shared the views of different economists and mentioned that it is unpredictable at the moment. He spoke about the uncertainty of jobs for around 50 percent of total world’s population. He said that though it is a curse, if someone properly utilizes time to learn necessary skills and adapts technology, this pandemic can turn out to be a blessing for that person. There were significant number of enthusiastic students who actively participated in the webinar and asked different questions on the topic. The session ended by expressing gratitude to the honorable guest speaker for his precious time by the host on behalf of NUB.

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