Computer Science and Engineering

Lab Facilities

Lab Facilities

Labs of CSE department
Department of Computer Science and Engineering includes a wide variety of opportunities to many wings of prospective careers. Our program provides a firm grounding in the fundamentals of mathematics, programming concept, algorithm, software engineering, computer graphics, computer network, image processing and artificial engineering.


This department has 5 specialized Labs.


Software Lab:  is fully equipped with different software for fulfilling the requirements of software engineering and computer graphics courses. Recently NUB is affiliated with Oracle Academy. Software Lab is supported by oracle software. 2 faculty members are conducting this Lab.


Network Lab:  Comprises different devices and simulation software. CCNA training is also provided in this lab. In this lab 3 faculty members are conducting research in a variety of areas including mobile ad-hoc Networks, parallel and distributed systems & network quality.


AI & Digital Image processing lab:

 facilitates research works in the areas of artificial intelligence, image processing and data mining. This lab is also used by the robotic group of science faculty. 5 faculty members are working in this lab.


Fundamental Lab:  is mostly used for fundamental classes and programming language classes.

Internet Lab:   is dedicated for internet purpose. Though every lab is connected with high bandwidth internet, but this lab is specially kept for internet using.

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